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In order to form a more perfect union


Briefly on Election 2012:

Go vote. Help your friends vote. Help your family vote. Help your neighbors vote. Take your IDs. Remind them to take their IDs. If you don’t know your state’s voter ID laws, just err on the side of caution. If you forget, you’ll likely have to cast a provisional ballot, and provisional ballots will just gum up the works –and likely not count. In this election, every vote must be counted sooner than later.

We the People do not want the courts deciding this election.

Know your state’s voter ID laws

Before you head to the polls Tuesday, take the time to check your state’s voter ID requirements.

There are 33 voter ID laws that have been enacted, and they vary in their details.

Two key distinctions are whether a law is “strict” or not, and whether or not the ID must include a photo. The National Conference of State Legislatures website has an interactive map that explains your state’s laws. Pass it along to friends and family.