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Lady Gaga goes bald — She was born that way


Lady Gaga performs “Hair” on the Paul O’Grady Show. At the time of this writing, the video had 525,011 views, 4,411 likes, 757 dislikes.

Do you think she really shaved her head? Looks likes she’s sporting a skullcap to me.

UPDATE: From the same show, “Edge of Glory,” which I liked a lot more before I learned it’s probably about her dead grandpa. Smokin’ hot costume, though.

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Middle East unrest — Angry Birds style

Silly me, I was studying for my ecommerce exam when this gem appeared in my Facebook feed. It’s a taste of Middle East unrest Angry Birds-style and is terrific fun. Thanks to my dear friend Smita for the tip.

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‘Digital Story of Nativity’: 2010’s third-biggest video debut

AdAge.com is reporting that the viral sensation “Digital Story of the Nativity” has made the third-biggest video debut of 2010. First was Old Spice’s “Responses” campaign, grabbing 35 million-plus views, followed by Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl,” which bagged 17.8 million eyeballs in February.

At the time of this writing, the video had 8,286,353 views on YouTube.

Agency: Portugal’s digital geniuses at Excentric.