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A very tweet love story

I wanted to do something a little different for Valentine’s Day this year, so I tweeted the story of me and my husband. Check out the full story here on my Twitter feed.

Vegas 2009

I think we finally did Vegas right this time.

Vegas is different for everyone, and it helps to know this before you go. Because just being in Vegas can be so overwhelming, I think it takes at least two trips to figure out Fremont Experience what your trip should be. Some people enjoy the nightclubs: standing in long lines waiting to get past the velvet rope, hoping to get a glimpse of the celebs as they come and go. For others, it’s the shows — the fantastic, over-the-top spectacles that you really can’t see anywhere else. (Cirque du Soleil has a theme for every taste, on nearly every corner, that’s for sure.) Hard-core shopaholics with cash-filled Louis Vuittons can get their fix at the many high-end shops and boutiques. Other visitors simply enjoy what Las Vegas is most famous for: the gambling.

For our third trip, we went for three days and packed only carry-ons. We had learned during our previous trips that more than three days in Vegas is simply too long. That doesn’t sound like a long time, but if you have an objective before you leave, and if pick your activities carefully, you can have more than enough fun in three days.

Our objective was relaxation. We didn’t want to see shows. We didn’t want to shop. We were going to do exactly what we loved most about the other trips: gamble. This time, we knew what we wanted to do, how much we wanted to spend, and how much we wanted to gamble. We’re not high-stakes gamblers; it’s just for fun. We’re not playing penny slots, but we’re not spending the mortgage payment.

Before any trip to Vegas, it is crucial to decide how much money you’re willing to part with because it’s very unlikely you’ll be taking it home with you. Don’t bank on hitting the jackpot and quitting your job. The odds are overwhelmingly against you. Know this, and you’ll have more fun.

Vegas is the one place you can feel good about being a loser.