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Foursquare: 3400% growth in 2010

Foursquare’s 2010 was much better than mine.

The location-based mobile service saw an astonishing 3400% growth in the Year of Total Suckage.

That’s a lot of check-ins.

This terrific graphic breaks down the hot spots in travel, dining, art and music, while this blog post, wait. Never mind. The sad-bastard tech writer I was going to link to is just exactly that: a sad-bastard tech writer who doesn’t get Foursquare. Never mind.

Hat tip to @scottdbowers for the heads-up.

Poll shows TSA pat-downs anger travelers

A USA TODAY poll reports 57% of adult fliers are angered by the invasive pat-downs the TSA instituted Nov. 1 as part of a way to further endear the agency to a flying public — the very public that is already pissed off at big government and proved it at the polls Nov. 2.

The polls also shows 42% are angered or bothered by the virtual strip searches provided by the so-called Advanced Imaging Technology systems.

For a list of airports using the full-body scanners, click here.

Body-scanner maker spent millions on lobbying

I thought I had posted this already. Oh well. Better late than never.

Videos: John Pistole on TSA pat-downs and policy

Video shows John Pistole at the Monitor Breakfast. He’s eating breakfast, folks. Not crow.

Holy Victoria’s Secret! Here’s where Pistole talks about the many bra bombers that TSA thwarts each year.

In an update, CBS reports that the TSA is responding to the video that features a so-called strip search of a boy.

No U.S. terrorist attacks since ’01: Luck or Gov’t?

Pew Rearch Center poll also shows 37% of Americans say the government does a good job of protecting citizens.

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