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Myspace: Going once, going twice, sold cold!

Can I cancel my Myspace account now?

I originally created one for a school research project.

Do I have to keep it?

News Corp. is closer to unloading Myspace, according to anonymous sources talking to The Wall Street Journal. Specific Media, an ad-targeting firm, is the most likely buyer, and as part of the deal — the sources said — half of the 500 Myspace staffers will lose their jobs. Negotiations are still underway, but the Journal saying the deal is valued at $30 million to $40 million, a far cry from the $580 million News Corp. dropped for the social network in 2006.

On that note, here’s a BusinessWeek article from 2006 that asks, Was Myspace sold on the cheap?

UPDATE: The WSJ just reported the deal will likely be announced today and layoffs have already started.