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From the Grammys: The Target ‘Rolling in the Deep’ ad

ED’S NOTE: This post reflects my interest as a marketing student in advertising, promotion, search-engine optimization, and viral marketing. No agencies or products are endorsed. The opinions expressed here are mine and in no way reflect the opinions of my employers.

UPDATE 2-16-2012: Madame Noire’s Brande Victorian reports the girl in the Rolling in the Deep ad for Target is 11-year-old Denise Bestman from Staten Island. Meanwhile, the Gothamist has more details about PS 22 Chorus and how the 30-second Target commercial was shot.

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UPDATE at 3:05 p.m. 2-13-2012: YouTube counter says the clip has up to 17,015 views now.

For interested parties, here’s the 30-second Target commercial hyping the deluxe edition of Adele’s runaway-hit album 21. At the time of this quick-and-dirty post, the clip, posted Feb. 10, had 302 views. I bet it gets a lot more soon; those kids are just too cute and that song is too familiar.


About the Target YouTube Channel
(As of Feb. 12, 2012)

Date joined: Jan. 6, 2006
Channel Views: 676,538
Video views: 18,293,527
Total Upload Views: 20,552,078

Lady Gaga goes bald — She was born that way


Lady Gaga performs “Hair” on the Paul O’Grady Show. At the time of this writing, the video had 525,011 views, 4,411 likes, 757 dislikes.

Do you think she really shaved her head? Looks likes she’s sporting a skullcap to me.

UPDATE: From the same show, “Edge of Glory,” which I liked a lot more before I learned it’s probably about her dead grandpa. Smokin’ hot costume, though.

Amazon’s Gaga near-giveaway gums up downloads

The Walls Street Journal reports Amazon customers who bought Lady Gaga’s Born This Way for 99 cents were met with serious delays. A company spokesman told the WSJ that customers who ordered Born This Way on Monday would get the full album for the promotional price.

Good for them. Had these consumers been as stubborn stupid as I was, they could have wasted three and a half hours of their lives restarting the download.

EARLIER: Web 2.0 goes full force as Amazon offers Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album for 99 cents.

Get Gaga for 99 cents on Amazon

Attention Little Monsters: For one day only eCommerce giant Amazon is offering Lady Gaga’s new album Born this Way for 99 cents. The wheels of Web 2.0 were in full force for this promotion: I heard about it first on my iPhone, and then on Facebook and finally, Tumblr.

Get it while you can click it.

Hat tip to Erin K. at Ultra K for the heads-up.

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More on beer and fried pickles

Over at Forks and the Road, my woefully neglected travel blog,By J. Barrineau I yammer on about the Outer Banks Brewing Station, one of my most favorite establishments in the world. (Seriously, I’m not just kissing up.) They’ve got great beer, a nice menu and nicer folks, so if you’re ever in Kill Devil Hills, N.C., you should check them out.

They also have a full entertainment calendar featuring such acts as The Influence, which will be performing Nov. 19-20.

Recommendations: Lemon Wheatgrass Beer or the Olsch.

Where: MP 8.5, 600 South Croatan Highway
Kill Devil Hills, NC
On Google Maps: Here

Hours: 11:30 a.m.-2 a.m., seven days a week

Phone: 252.449.2739 (BREW)

Outer Banks Brewing Station on Facebook: Here

On Yelp: Here

On foursquare: Here

On Gowalla: Here

(Photo by J. Barrineau)

Play it again, Condi

I’m such a dork: Just yesterday while I was making my bed I wondered, “What’s Condoleezza Rice doing these days?” This morning I found out.

She recently teamed up with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, for a charity benefit. Check it out.

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