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Interview with Troy Palmer of Little Fiction.

The digitization of publishing is sadly and surprisingly still in its infancy. Right now there are too many proprietary formats and not enough standardization.

~ Troy Palmer, editor

In my latest interview for The Review Review, I talk to Troy Palmer, editor and publisher of Little Fiction., a digital press devoted to the art of the short story. Palmer’s answers make for a great read, offering insights into the complexities of digital publishing, the force of social media promotion, and the hours and sweat put into a true “labour of love.”

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About The Review Review: Edited by Becky Tuch, The Review Review  publishes reviews the latest issues of literary journals and interviews the editors behind them.

About Little Fiction.:  Launched in October 2011 by Troy Palmer, Little Fiction publishes short stories in the spirit of the mp3 — by making them digital and portable. And free.

Interview with Jonna Semeiks of ‘Confrontation’

Confrontation Spring 2012

Photo by J. Barrineau

Serious fiction writers, poets,
and dramatists have always been abysmally rewarded for their labor
…  and it’s rather appalling, given how much pleasure they provide us and how urgently they speak to us of what it means to be human and to live in the age we live in.


~ Jonna Semeiks, editor in chief of Confrontation

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jonna Semeiks, editor in chief of Confrontation, a literary journal that has published the likes of Steinbeck and Auden alongside unknown and soon-to-be-known writers. You can read what Semeiks had to say about Confrontation‘s future at The Review Review, a website edited by Becky Tuch that publishes reviews the latest issues of literary journals and interviews the editors behind them.

Me in Calliope: ‘Epilogue – Unfinished’

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t just write about cool ads and personal tech. Sometimes I turn out a piece of poetry or short fiction that gets published. My poem “Epilogue – Unfinished” was published this past spring in the student journal Calliope, which has been released in PDF. There are some excellent student works throughout, including some artwork that will take your breath away. (Click the photo at right to open the PDF.)

“Epilogue” was originally a flash-fiction piece that appeared in October 2010 on Paragraph Planet, a creative writing website that features 75-word pieces that are changed daily. It was born from a prompt in class when I overheard a student ask the professor, “Can you give me a first sentence?” (She declined.) I later recast the 75 words as a poem and thought it worked, so I submitted it for consideration. I think it works better as a poem than flash, but I’ll take inspiration any way it hits me.