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Happy birthday, Google

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is celebrating its 13th birthday today, but Mashable celebrated it first, on Sept. 4, the day Google was incorporated.

So why Sept. 27?

A quick Google search finds a 2010 article by Chris Gaylord of The Christian Science Monitor that explains the mystery. A Google spokesman tells Gaylord that Sept. 27 was as good as any other date because a number of milestones were reached in September, so the doodle is celebrating Google’s “birthday month.”

Party on.

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EARLIER: Google honors Alexander Calder with an HTML5 doodle.


EARLIER: Google celebrates choreographer Martha Graham


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Alexander Calder: Mobile artist — no, not for Apple

Today’s Google Doodle honors mobile artist Alexander Calder. I know the name, I’ve seen the art, but when I read “mobile” these days, I think of portability — as in personal tech. (“Where can I take this?”) Ah, but there is another definition.

Per Webster’s New World Dictionary:

mobilen. a piece of abstract art that aims to depict movement, as by an arrangement of thin forms, rings, etc. suspended and set in movement by air currents.

Calder (b. July 22, 1898) is the American sculptor credited with inventing mobile sculptures, such as those shown in the National Gallery of Art. You can learn more about his life and work here, at the Calder Foundation website.

UPDATE: PC Mag says the Calder doodle is the first designed in HTML5. If you’re using Firefox or Chrome, you can change the doodle’s movement.

EARLIER: Google honors choreographer Martha Graham