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KFC Famous Bowls: America’s failure pile with bacon!

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UPDATE 12-06-2011: The original ad was pulled, but I found a version that intersplices commentary from Jim Gaffagin. “Yay, bacon!”

Is it possible that the failure pile in the sadness bowl could get even sadder?

One of the most bewildering fast-food marketing successes, the KFC Famous Bowl, has added BACON to the mound of mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken bits, corn and cheese, and behold! The KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl.

Everything is better with bacon.

~ “Rachel,”
KFC employee



KFC (NASDAQ: YUM) introduced the Famous Bowls, its take on Shepherd’s Pie, in 2006. It became the most memorable product launched that year. Not long after, comic and writer Patton Oswalt seized on the absurdity of the dish, dubbing it a “failure pile in a sadness bowl.” Oswalt’s side-splittingly funny stand-up bit went viral, giving the bowls more publicity than KFC could have hoped for. (Warning: Oswalt’s clip is pee-in-your-pants funny, but he uses strong language. Put the headphones on if you’re at work or if the kids are still awake.)

It seems KFC is good natured about Oswalt’s hilariously devastating commentary on its best-selling product; the Colonel’s social media team even went so far as to engage the comedian on Twitter as the Cheesy Bacon Bowl launched.

Nicely played, Colonel.

At the time of this writing, the KFC ad, posted Oct. 14 on YouTube, had 33,648 views, 44 likes, 13 dislikes and 53 comments. UPDATE 12-06-2011: It has since been pulled.

I want to be an American. Does that mean I have to be fat first?
~ Adam,

Yes, Adam. I believe it’s in the naturalization laws.

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