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And then there were two: Romney vs. Obama

ED’S NOTE: This post reflects my interest as a marketing student in political advertising, search-engine optimization, and viral marketing as it is used on the campaign trail. No candidates or political groups are endorsed. The opinions expressed here about the advertisements are mine and in no way reflect the opinions of my employers.

The same day Rick Santorum suspends his bid for the GOP nomination, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney has turned his focus on President Obama and Florida — home of the hanging chads and a big, fat pot of 27 electoral votes. It’s also where Obama is in Boca Raton pitching his “Buffett Rule,” a highly disputed proposal that “asks” everyone to pay their “fair share” and really goes after the nation’s highest earners to ensure they pay a higher tax rate than, say, stiffs like you and me. It’s named for gazillionaire Warren Buffett, who was real sad in 2011 about paying a lower effective tax rate on his income, than I do did his secretary.

When Barack Obama is in Florida today, ask him about the forgotten millions.
~ Super-timely Romney ad posted the same day of O’s visit

Almost-gazillionaire Romney is real sad for the folks in Florida, and he wants them to know it come November. Titled “President Obama Has Failed Florida Workers” — is that SEO I smell? — Romney’s one-minute-12-second video was uploaded on YouTube April 10, the day of Obama’s visit. (Wouldn’t you want to run it before he came to town? Give voters some notice?) It isn’t narrated, there are no hokey kitchen-table scenes, but rather, a series of on-screen text blocks with stark facts about Florida’s joblessness, set to an ominous Hans Zimmer-esque soundtrack.

Among the scary factoids that will drive Floridians to the polls to cast their vote for Mitt:

  • 850,000 Floridians out of work
  • The Sunshine State’s 9.4% unemployment rate (the nation’s is 8.2%)
  • “Double-digit minority unemployment” (the ad doesn’t detail the number)
  • “Under Obama, a record 6 million women unemployed” (Really, Script Writer? Really?)

At the time of this writing, the clip had 210 views, 18 likes, 6 dislikes. My day was already terrible enough, so I could not make myself log on to Romney’s Facebook page to see how it was faring there.

Author: Jacqui Barrineau

Jacqui Barrineau is a writer and editor who lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., with husband Trey, a Shetland Sheepdog and two unhelpful-but-funny cats. Her work has appeared in "So to Speak" and "Calliope," and she's a regular contributor to the flash-fiction sites Paragraph Planet and Doorknobs & Bodypaint. Once upon a time, she was the audience engagement editor at USA Today. Now she does other fun things that involve advertising, marketing and social media. The views expressed here and in other outlets are hers, not her clients'. Outside of work, she's proud to serve on the Northern Virginia Community College Marketing Advisory Committee. As a committee member, she joins industry leaders in lending their knowledge and expertise to ensure the college's Marketing curriculum is relevant and responsive to the needs of the students and the surrounding business communities.

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