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Allstate’s Soya La Mala Suerte: At the repair shop


Allstate’s Hispanic counterpart to “Mayhem,” Soya La Mala Suerte, has a new 30-second spot that puts an unlucky driver at the mercy of the guys at the repair shop. Soya La Mala Suerte greets the car owner with substandard insurance at the shop, and then appears on the bus that the man has to take as he leaves the shop.


The ad closes with the tag line:

La Mala Suerte se puede cruzar en tu camino en cualquier momento.

¿Estás en buenas manos?

At the time of this writing, the clip on YouTube, posted Jan. 25, had 182 views, 0 likes, and 2 dislikes. There was one lone comment. (But it’s early still.)

The only YouTube comment (so far):

Bueno. I like this one he’s more sinister that the Anglo Mayhem. Subtle.

~ jackrubyuk,
YouTube member

Interesting observation, jackrubyuk. Makes me wish I understood Spanish.

On the Soy La Mala Suerte  (“I am Bad Luck”) Facebook page, the ad hadn’t been shared yet. As for the character’s page itself, 99, 284 (up from 96,525 Dec. 22) like the page and 1,928 were talking about it.

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3 thoughts on “Allstate’s Soya La Mala Suerte: At the repair shop

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  2. Interesting point. I read another comment recently that said this guy was more ominous and therefore made for a better, more motivating product character. Personally, I just think Dean Winters is hilarious. My favorite is the “Teen Girl” spot from early on in the campaign.

  3. Not as good as the original, but still funny. I think the main actor for the commercials is what makes them so funny. I mean, “Dennis” from 30 Rock, how can you beat that?