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Allstate’s DJ Mayhem throws a rave in your attic

UPDATE 5-31-2012: Allstate is updating its YouTube channel, and some videos are working and some are not. I’m trying to update the links as soon as Allstate reposts them. Thank you for your patience.

ED’S NOTE: This post reflects my interest in advertising as a marketing student. No agencies or products are endorsed. The opinions expressed here are mine and in no way reflect the opinions of my employers.

Making the most of the set and makeup from the “I’m a raccoon” spot, the ad directors for Allstate’s (NASDAQ: ALL) Mayhem series put Dean Winters in an attic with some strobe lights presumably to throw a rave. I thought fans of the series might be disappointed because there are no amusing quips in the 15-second “Mayhem in the House.”

I thought wrong.

Love it! Needs to be longer. Whomever thought of this character is a marketing genius. And for casting, too. Can’t see anyone else playing this role.
~ Valerie on Facebook


I said I was wrong. It happens.

Best. Advertisement. Ever.
~ Pamela on Facebook

I don’t agree, Pamela, but I get it: You guys still love Mayhem.

“Mayhem in the House” was posted on YouTube and Facebook on Oct. 25. At the time of this writing, 46 hours later, the post on Facebook had 3,865 likes, 231 comments and 1,084 shares.

And that’s what we call viral marketing, kids.

As usual, there was less viewer feedback on the brand’s YouTube page. Even so, at the time of this writing, the clip had 13,917 views, 157 likes and 4 dislikes. There would be 5 dislikes, but I didn’t bother to log in.

About the Allstate YouTube Channel
(As of Oct. 27, 2011)

  • Channel Views: 430,902 409,275>
  • Total Upload Views: 16,784,962 14,366,356
  • Joined: Feb. 28, 2006
  • Subscribers: 6,621 5,966

AGENCY:  Leo Burnett, the folks that brought us product characters such as the Marlboro Man, Jolly Green Giant, Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam.

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UPDATE 11-01-2011: “Go, State!” — Mayhem goes streaking


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