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Got Mail? What kind? Google’s Gmail push


ED’S NOTE: The commentary here reflects my interest in advertising as a marketing student. The opinions expressed here are mine and in no way reflect the opinions of my employers.

Anti-trust hearing? Pooh! Silly senators, Google has more important work to be done, like rescuing the philistine masses still using AOL and Hotmail to communicate electronically with their loved ones!

On the heels of the Google+ introduction, the Internet behemoth has launched “Email Intervention,” a campaign to drive users to Gmail, which will undoubtedly build an even bigger base for Google+ once it is out of beta. At the time of this writing, the clip on YouTube had 145,305 views, 423 likes and 50 dislikes. On Facebook, 364 people liked the ad and 46 comments had been logged.

The 1-minute-15-second commercial, which was posted July 22 on YouTube, is very likable. It’s amusingly reminiscent of an educational film from the 1950s: you know, the ones with an non-threatening-but-authoritative speaker and perky string-based background music that helped us learn the importance of hygiene. In this ad, “intervention specialist” Dr. Richard Muscat lectures on the importance of Gmail, explaining that although many of us have helped friends “make the switch,” there is more work to be done.

We all have that one friend … that one friend who hasn’t made the jump … who still emails you from that embarrassingly out-of-date address.

Without mentioning AOL and Hotmail, Muscat explains that the out-of-date email addresses should be “laid to rest, like so many items of its time,” and then helpful pointers label a floppy disk, portable disc player, VHS cassette and a scrunchy on the classroom table. After sweeping the out-dated items onto the floor, Muscat ups the drama with some cold truth:

Your loved ones are being left out of conversations!


Unable to make free phone calls or video chat, and that’s sad.

Yes, this is way worse than having just 19 friends on Facebook!

Muscat then empowers the viewer: stage an email intervention. And whaddya know? A toolkit can be found at emailintervention.com.

It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s the right thing to do.

The ad wraps with a white background with the website address and

It’s time to make the switch.

Yes, it’s time. Just in time for the explosion of Google+.

Author: Jacqui Barrineau

Jacqui Barrineau is a writer and editor who lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., with husband Trey, a Shetland Sheepdog and two unhelpful-but-funny cats. Her work has appeared in "So to Speak" and "Calliope," and she's a regular contributor to the flash-fiction sites Paragraph Planet and Doorknobs & Bodypaint. Once upon a time, she was the audience engagement editor at USA Today. Now she does other fun things that involve advertising, marketing and social media. The views expressed here and in other outlets are hers, not her clients'. Outside of work, she's proud to serve on the Northern Virginia Community College Marketing Advisory Committee. As a committee member, she joins industry leaders in lending their knowledge and expertise to ensure the college's Marketing curriculum is relevant and responsive to the needs of the students and the surrounding business communities.

2 thoughts on “Got Mail? What kind? Google’s Gmail push

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  2. HA! Too true