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Spotted at MAC Cosmetics: Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman still has all her superpowers!

I spotted this billboard at a M*A*C store in the mall —  the graphic display is powerful enough to make me stop and snap a picture for a friend. I was pressed for time, and the store was so packed with young women that I didn’t venture inside, so I wasn’t sure what the DC Comics icon was promoting until I got home and checked the site.

As part of their Spring 2011 collection, the cosmetic giant has rolled out a line of color products that are a “feminine force that saves the day!” Every piece of the Wonder Woman line — the mascara, finishing powder and lipstick — carries Wonder Woman’s signature colors — primary red, blue and yellow. For a company that is known for its sleek black interiors and counters, this is quite a visual departure. Customers who are familiar with the M*A*C brand and stores will do a double-take as I did, and then want to find out more about the Wonder Woman line. (Score one for M*A*C’s marketing department.) Even so, customers such as myself — those of us who are well past our twenties — may find the line intriguing but too young. On the other hand, those of us who remember Linda Carter rockin’ the red bustier and blue granny panties back in the 1970s TV series might feel a bit nostalgic and use $20 of our discretionary income to buy a tube of Lipglass. (ED’S note: That’s not a typo. It’s not lipgloss — it’s Lipglass.)

Looking again at the products, I’d say that it’s unlikely I would buy anything from the line. But again, I’m hardly their target market; that’s not to say, however, that the bold promotional materials didn’t have an effect on me. I did stop and look, and I passed on information about the new line — which debuted in the U.S. yesterday — to at least four people. If I had remembered to check in on foursquare and facebook, I would have shared with at least 250 more people.

The consumer’s desire to share (and overshare) through social media is hardly lost on M*A*C, as the company exploits the Mighty Aphrodite’s popularity to offer interested customers a chance to win the limited edition M*A*C Wonder Woman ring by collecting special badges on foursquare. According to the M*A*C site, players can follow “Wonder Woman as she circles the globe on a mission to stop Medusa from turning the M·A·C girls of the world of the world into Plain Janes! Check into the location she has visited and receive the star-spangled stickers (while supplies last).” A check of the M*A*C Wonder Woman foursquare account doesn’t show any activity as of the time of this writing. Perhaps her invisible jet is having engine trouble.

And for the young woman who is eager to spend $15-$40 (USD) for the products in the Wonder Woman collection, M*A*C is also offering a special cosmetic bag to tote it all home. Retail price: $30.

She could also just use a special invisible bag that goes by the code name Ziploc. Retail price: $3 for 24.

Author: Jacqui Barrineau

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