USA TODAY’s Your Take recently featured an unusual composite of the October “blood moon.” Community manager Jessica Cervantes takes a look at how contributor Mike Mezeul II did it.

Your Take: How did they do that?

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USA TODAY has more from Your Take contributor Becky Peterson‘s insider’s look at the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. By Jessica Cervantes.

Take 5 on USA TODAY: A round up of the best reader photos.

Take 5 on USA TODAY: A round up of the best reader photos.

Your Take top contributor Becky Peterson has an inside look at the protests in Hong Kong. See it at USA TODAY.

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Today’s groovy Google doodle salutes novelist Leo Tolstoy.


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Jacqui Barrineau:

I’ve had the pleasure of this woman making drinks in my home. Follow this recipe if you want to be delighted.

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Have you ever heard of agua fresca? It is a very fancy way of saying sweet juice. Or technically fresh water, but the catch is, it is never just water. I mean, if it was just water it would be called water and that would be boring. And if you are not in the mood for something with alcohol you can sound extra fancy saying “do you have any agua fresca?” as opposed to, “do you have any fruit juice?”

One of my favorite agua fresca’s happens to include one of my favorite summer obsessions, watermelon. And it is so easy and you can really do it with any fruit. I plan on expanding my agua fresca horizons later on this summer. But for now, it is watermelon for me.

Just take some watermelon and put it through a blender or food processor and liquefy. Then strain…

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Cowboy went missing July 4 during the City of Fairfax’s fireworks display. He may be in the vicinity of Fairfax High School. If you have any info or think you might have seen him, contact me and I’ll connect you with the owners. Thank you.